Berks and Bucks Cup Semi Final v Highmoor Ibis

Posted by Julian Clarke on 25-06-17 10:20:01 UTC

29th January 2017 Berks and Bucks Cup H&H under 15’s Home to Highmoor Ibis, 13.30pm ko

Starting line up: Cameron, Brian, Josh, Ciaran (Capt), Archie, Zac, Dan, Matt, Jack, Jaja, Fish, Subs: Tom, Ben, Aaron.

The under 15’s welcomed Highmoor Ibis to Boundary park in the Semi Finals of the Berks and Bucks Cup. Harwell and Hendred kicked off the first half, the first goal would be crucial in determining the direction the match would go, unfortunately for H&H Highmoor scored first, winning the ball back from a H&H throw on the left, the ball was whipped in and found the back of the net with barely 3 minutes on the ref’s time piece, less than 2 minutes later and H&H were kicking off again after when the Highmoor striker put the ball past Cameron for 2 nil. Slowly H&H started to get into the game and proceeded to push Highmoor back into their half, with Jaja now getting more of the ball, one of his characteristic strong runs down the right resulted in a cut back cross into the Highmoor area, the Highmoor keeper just managing to collect the ball before Fish could connect. Matt improvised a neat flick over the Highmoor defence, only a timely touch from the last defender stopped the ball getting through to the H&H strikers. A positive run from Fish down the left brought a freekick to H&H just outside the Highmoor penalty area, 6 yards from the goal line, Matt took the free kick putting ball to the far post where Ciaran headed the ball back into the danger area where Jack was lurking to head the ball past the keeper into the net to make the score 1-2. It seemed that H&H were now getting a foothold in the game, and a few minutes later Jaja again had a good chance to equalise, going for a 50-50 ball between the keeper and himself Jaja came out the winner, the keeper made amends by getting a block on the cross/shot from Jaja, Highmoor managed to clear the ball but only as far as Matt, his shot sadly cleared the bar. With 20 minutes played Highmoor made a substitution to a defender who had taken a knock, H&H continued to press for an equaliser and they nearly found it with a freekick taken by Zac, 5 yards outside the Highmoor penalty area, another freekick this time taken by Ciaran ended up with Zac having another shot, this time the keeper was called into action to make a save. Half an hour played and Dan broke up a promising Highmoor attack in the H&H area playing a long ball up to Jaja who again used his strength and power to get past the Highmoor defence and cross the ball into the penalty area, Zac just unable to reach the ball, Highmoor took possession of the ball and were now on the counter attack which resulted in a shot Cameron was unable to hold onto, Highmoor were first to the loose ball and put it into the goal for 3-1. With Half time approaching Highmoor were awarded a freekick on their right, midway up the pitch, the well taken free kick was met by the head of an unmarked Highmoor player making the half time score 4-1 in the favour of Highmoor, H&H had a lot of work to do in the 2nd half to address the 3 goal deficit.

Half time: H&H 1 – Highmoor Ibis 4

Highmoor Ibis kicked off the 2nd half, Highmoor had a freekick on the left which was again met by the free head of a Highmoor player to make the score 5-1. Jaja made a run down the wing and crossed the ball into the penalty area, unfortunately there was no H&H player on hand to take advantage. With quarter of an hour played Highmoor Ibis scored again to make the score 6-1. H&H hadn’t given up the fight and tried their best to score bringing a freekick to H&H and a yellow card to a Highmoor player, the freekick was cleared by Highmoor and they went on the counter attack. Another yellow card to Highmoor gave a freekick to H&H taken by Zac to Matt who scored. Highmoor were losing a bit of composure with the result pretty much in the bag they conceded their 3rd yellow card. With 2 minutes left of the game Fish scored H&H’s 3rd goal, a valiant effort by H&H unfortunately again just falling short of a place in the final.

Final score: H&H 3 – Highmoor Ibis 6

Scorers: H&H Jack, Matt, Fish

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